Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sidewalk Bowling

Sharing a fun activity from the past summer. Hope you enjoy!
Sidewalk bowling is full of learning skills. Eye/hand coordination, large muscle strengthening, math skills including counting, and team work. These are just the beginning. This activity can be also recreated at home by saving those water bottles and gluing the caps on for safety--or even just stacking up a pile of blocks. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Playdoh Mats

 Filling up the laminated mat 'trucks' with playdoh rocks. Number recognition, sensory, language, fine motor and imagination skills all in one with this activity. Great way to spend time on those upcoming rainy/snowy days!

Special thanks to 
for these free printables!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Letter Reinforcement Activity for Early Childhood

Want an activity to keep our hands busy and our minds intent on a project? Try this one!

Lacing Letters is the activity of last Friday morning that captured the attention of these little guys. Ours are created from cereal boxes so no need to worry about them being overly 'loved'.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A Movement Birthday Party Theme

Two years is a long time without posting on this blog. But I'm about to return with regular posts. Short and sweet but easy to digest our latest adventures on Honeysuckle Road 🏡

A birthday party was in order at the beginning of September. Our theme? Movement!! Pictured above is a parachute game called "Parachute Gulp!". All ages dearly loved this one and we'll be saving it for future days when weather keeps us indoors. Check back again for more good times!!

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stirring the Pot

Hope you'll head on over to Stephanie's Stuff and read about our newest cooking experience with the children. We are keeping up with our Child-Directed activities and Letting the Kids Do It. Cabbage Soup was the topic and having a wide range of sensory experiences came with it.
  • Taste - the obvious
  • Smell- We had the Before and After of Cooking scents
  • Touch - Bumpy and crisp raw/ and the opposite cooked
  • Hear - Listen to the sound of it vegetables being cut, broth being poured, the sound of our voices wanting to 'be next' to help
  • See- How much cabbage you get when it's piled up in the pot!

Child-directed learning promotes the natural development of self-confidence, initiative, perseverance and life satisfaction.
Have A Wonderful Week!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cookbooks in Early Childhood

Sharing a post on the Stephanie's Stuff blog about a cooking experience. But I also want to give a little frugal thought to buying educational material for early childhood ideas in your kitchen.
This was $1 at a local antique store. It's copyright is 1932. The pictures are very clear on measurements giving children a good idea at what 1 cup looks like for instance. Those little hole-in-the-wall places have such cool things just waiting for reuse.
Check out your little stores and support small business. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why Save Paper Towel Tubes? And Toilet?

We like Dramatic Play in my childcare environment. And when you need something to fill the time, you make something the children can take home. But first, we do a 'Test Run'. After all, it's more fun to play with friends! Right?!
So showing you how we turned a simple color page into a way to extend our theme of Fire Safety into the Dramatic Play Center. This color page is from about 16 years back so sorry no link for making a copy.
But maybe you could find a back issue on Amazon??
 Notice the $5.50 price? Unheard of today.

Here is a view of supplies needed including a color page. We printed ours on cardstock for more longevity.
  1. The color and cut stage

    2.Connect the long tubes on each end ONLY.

Masking tape works best.

For the "People", firefighters in our instance, use tape loops and attach to the smaller tubes.
 Finally, slide the fire truck in-between the longer tubes. It should be a snug fit. Trim the ends if it's a little long. And there you have it! Individual play sets for your theme to enhance Dramatic Play.
Skills Learned from Dramatic Play:
  • Learning to cooperate, to control impulses (like tearing it up by 'crashing', leads to less aggressive tendencies.
  • Eye/hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills
  • Developing literacy skills with use of new language, role-playing and problem solving
  • Learning to ask and answer questions. This introduces a larger view of the world they are living in. Some of them will relate the events of the evening news they see at home to their play. Great opportunity to 'be there' to discuss our times.
Talk with your caregiver about the importance of Dramatic Play.