Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 22 Newsletter

Dear Families,
Well, here we are; already at the end of summer! How can it fly by so fast?
We want to thank everyone first for letting the school-agers hang out with us daily or occasionally, whichever the case may be. I enjoyed their company, their helpfulness towards their younger friends, and the learning experiences we had along the way. I hope we have created many fond memories for them as well. Best wishes to them in the coming school year.

We’re celebrating the ‘end of summer’ on Wednesday, August 24 with a Milk Shake Party! We’ll cook some pigs in a blanket together & play some fun games & basically just enjoy the day. We’ll pray for good weather too!

Reminder:  Daycare closed Monday, Sept. 5 for Labor Day. We reopen Tuesday as usual.

Upcoming Themes & Learning will include:
“Above my head, Below my feet”(science),
All About Me, Apple Fun.

Have a great week!

September Book orders are in your child’s cubby. These are totally optional. I find they are great for building your child’s library at low cost & great for gifts. If ordering, make checks payable to me as I order online. Due date: September 9.
Learning Centers
Language:  Letter T spot for reading/circle time – T roads w/wallpaper – Conversation starter question: “What would you like me to play with you” Unanimous answer was ‘dress up’ J - Writing Journals – Name trace pages -
Math: Lego game w/dice – Land,air,water color page (distinguishing correct category) –Bear number/color match – 0,1,2, T cards/activity – Wallpaper counting books – Point to the sticker that doesn’t belong in the group -
Science: Outdoor kitchen w/sand, water, etc. – Magna Tiles – Explore Bear pages online at “” – Elephant habitat exercise w/carpet, new highway addition & blocking off section to show the ‘limited space’ for elephants
Art: “What do you do before you go to bed?” front door art – Travel/transportation collage – Stop light mosaics – Patchwork Bear Art – Group mural/tablecloth – Paper pin poke page for 3yrs. & up, trace & color for under 3yrs
Large Muscles: Ramps & transportation vehicles – Bowling in the hall – Bean Bag toss onto 0,1,2,T -
Manipulatives: Tie your shoes practice – Lego trains – ABC Train line cutting practice – Playdoh & cookie cutters
Music/Rhyme: Scarves music & movement cd – Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear action rhyme -
Dramatic Play: Firefighter play – Dress up – Firefighters saving Teddy’s & Doctors fixing Teddy’s – Goldilocks & 3 Bears paper doll play – Play School
Computer: games – Reader Rabbit cd – The Wiggles dvd – Elephant dvd
Big Blue Engine    Froggy Plays T Ball
Goodnight Train      Tracks        ABC Train
Where’s Teddy?    Teddy & the Fire Brigade
Goldilocks & the 3 Bears    A Beary Good Neighbor
Tigger & Winnie the Pooh  Baby Bear, Baby Bear
First Day Jitters   Miss Mary Mack song/story
Countdown to Kindergarten
Freddy Learns to Swim & Missouri ABC (thanks Alexa)