Sunday, November 11, 2012

Conversation With Children

Love this bit of wisdom from B.B.King
We have been taking at least 1 day a week to ask "thoughtful" questions as a group. Many times children mimic each other in their answers; especially when in a group. But lately, I have been blessed with some answers that I certainly could never make up. I have decided to share this week's Conversation Starter. I hope you will enjoy......

"If you could grow a field full of vegetables and fruits, what types would you grow?"

Brynn (age 4):   Corn husk, peas, oranges, and tomatoes, but we gotta wait for mine to grow taller like yours.
Gracie (age 4):  Bananas. And I would like some eggs and vegetables and peas and oranges.

Lou (age 4):   I would grow eggs and some butterflies.

Dexter (age 3): Cupcakes

Adam (age 5):   Carrots

Olivia (age 4):  Corn and beans

Savannah (age 3):  I would do bananas and chicken nuggets!

Weston (age 2):  Pink!!