Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Apple of My Eye

The poem of the week for our Apple Theme is pictured here from Pinterest.
 Sharing with you some of the "apples of My eye".
Our upcycled Apple tree before the leaves are added.
Pardon my primitive artistic ability.

I have a 'little' stash of Red Bags from last Christmas.
Perfect for the trunk and the apples.
I am my mother's daughter. I save stuff.

 Apple paper punches could be a big hit, but ours are pretty hard for little fingers.  So we improvised and turned the punches into strips.
This became cutting practice and letter recognition introduction all wrapped up in one.

Remember it's the process, not the product.
Learning rules like: keep Thumbs Up, only cut paper, start slowly & more.
Some of the strips were used for apple rubbings.
 Feeling and finding the bumps under a sheet of paper is also a texture/sensory experience.
The Sorting A/a Activity