Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 2012, Party Info

Following the 'rectangle' shape path & Hide-n-Seek the Hearts are 2 activities we didn't get listed on the printed newsletter.

Dear Families,
Even if your child is not able to attend, we will have treat bags for them. We won’t let anyone feel left out.  I have always had parties at 10 am for best attendance. The times I have attempted  afternoon parties, someone always leaves before we are done. Parents’ schedules are never perfect (just like life) and this is just what has always worked best after 15+ years of trial and error. If sending Valentine cards or treats, just place your child’s name on each one and they can pass them out without any problem. To have enough for all the children above 1 yr, (Desmond is pretty close) you will need 10 cards or treats. Your discretion on either one and as always, this is NOT obligatory.     Thanks!!

Book orders available for February if interested.  Again, ordering is optional. If doing so, make checks out to myself or send cash as I do online orders via my checking account.  Due date is Friday, Feb.17.

Have a wonderful week!!            Stephanie

Learning Centers
Language: “Explore” magazines from MO. Conservation Dept. – Weekly Readers & activity pages – Phonics game – Who’s in your heart? Group Conversation –
Math: Same/different color page – same/different discrimination w/people, beanbags, etc – Don’t Eat Flash!! (party game)
Manipulatives: Cutting shape practice – How fast can you match the hearts? – Fill & dump & stack blocks
Art: Color dog pages – Fill you grocery cart (healthy foods recognition) – Chalk board writing – Trace hearts page -
Dramatic Play: Post office play –
 We experienced………
·         1 to 1 correspondence w/1 stamp to 1 envelope
·         Paperpunch practice(strengthening fingers for prewriting skills)
·         Writing letters on envelopes
·         Folding & filling envelopes
·         Much language interaction & social skills demonstrated
Examples: “Don’t tear it up”
“Do you know how to write your name?”
“This is fun!”
“It worked!! See Brilyn??”
Large Muscles: Soccer play – Happy Hearts Exercises
Music:”Baby band” song - Sing &pass beanbag @ circle time – “Freeze dance” w/banjo music – Song Stash Singing – Skinamarink Song practice
Story List
If You’re Angry & You Know It    Time for Bed
Froggy Bakes a Cake        Wibble Wobble     
Goldilocks & the 3 Bears          Sweet Hearts          
Just Going to the Dentist  
Alice in Wonderland :a curious counting book
& many more!!!