Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reading Aloud

Reading to Children has always been a highlight of our day. No matter what the schedule holds, we always have time for a story. It's just the way it is.
Lately, those children who don't fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the sack have been very receptive to my chapter book reading.
We started with some short stories from fairy tale collection books. These are Huge, Thick books that have some stories that are appropriate and some that are just way beyond their years. So I select the ones they'll hopefully love and leave the rest for another age group (summertime and school agers)
But it's been fun grabbing their attention right before they doze off to sleep.
This one was copyrighted 1991. We have diligently read each of the stories for the last few weeks.
Of course Princess stories are favorites.
This book was one of my favorites from childhood. My 3rd grade teacher ironically was named Edith White and I thought for the longest time she wrote it.
 Imagine my horror that she did not. :(
We have read the first 4 chapters so far and I have once again captured their eagerness to see what happens next.
 I Love My Job!!!
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