Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 2012 News

Between shaking off the winter blues and gearing up for spring activities. It’s been fun keeping busy this time of year.
Coming up we'll begin some spring planting, have some fun with St. Patrick's Day & enjoy the wonderful warm days ahead.
We'll celebrate St. Patrick's Day on Friday, March 16 at 10 am with a party atmosphere. Policy change on bringing in sweet items per food program regulations. See Note on front door.
Center fun
Some experiences we had included:
1 is Fun party
1 of each ABC on front door
1 writing
Circle 1's in magazine (single objects)
1 Little Helicopter Action Rhyme (see below)
Baby bottle bowling
Roll ball thru the tunnel
Beanbag toss into clown's mouth
Dance to 50's music
Painting with shaving cream paint
Rhythm sticks & music
Wooly Lamb art
Will it Blow away experiment

One Little Helicopter
1 Little helicopter up in the sky
Looking for one's as he flies by
He spies one (tree,bird, etc) on the ground
And circles the "...." all around.

Dr Seuss Party
We enjoyed the Dr. Seuss Day very much
I only wish I owned more of his books. Definitely a future endeavor in book ordering.
For that special day we:
Read the Cat In The Hat lift the flap book,
Colored a Dr. Seuss color page
Sort colored 'counters' on a hat color page
Made a list of words that rhymed with "hat" on a hat color page
And of course had "egg" sandwiches for lunch

When the Wind Stops
When I'm Big
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
Pocahontas "Painting With the Wind"
My Favorite Seasons
The Wind Blew
The 3 Billy Goats Fluff (teaches kindness)
Silly Sally   & many more

Accreditation News
Accreditation process is coming along.
so far I have achieved all my goals and acquired some gift cards for
Constructive Playthings so planning my purchases for outdoor play items.
Can't wait!!!!

More Activities
Weekly Readers
Writing journals (added letters on lids for writing inspiration)
Washing dishes outdoors
Chalkboard writing outdoors
Dress Up play
Color viewers (sensory/science)
Lions for March (art)
Barn play with animals (a favorite)
Party Hats (art)
Circle time with "A Children's book about Disobeying" Much discussion
and hopefully good food for thought.

Activities for "at home" tab
I'm adding some page tabs on this blog. One will have contact information.
The other will have some activities you can do at home with items you
have on hand. Hope you'll enjoy this new addition to the blog.