Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Newsletter

Playdough Tools
Dear Families,
Thank you for your book orders. I expect them no later than Friday Dec. 2. I will go ahead & put out the December Scholastic Book Club order to give you one last chance at ordering for Christmas. They will be due the following Friday, Dec. 9. We must have them ordered by Saturday Dec 10 at the latest to insure timely delivery. You are not obligated to order, but if you do, please understand the need for this deadline date. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

We’ll keep it simple for December in our themes. Holidays are hectic for many & children feel the stress as much as we do. We will cover Christmas topics such as the colors Red & Green, Shapes associated with Christmas such as Gingerbread Boy, Star & Christmas Tree, and others I choose to keep up with the seasonal learning opportunity.

Our Tentative Christmas Caroling dates are as follows:
Friday, Dec. 9 @ 5:00 pm
Friday, Dec. 16 @ 5:00 pm
I have chosen 2 in case of inclement weather. I also have selected a later time to allow parents to accompany us as well as to allow neighbors to be “at home”. It has been a challenge in previous years to find people at home to sing to. I will send more info by note with your children next week.
Have a great week!!       Stephanie

Learning Centers
Language: Weekly Readers w/activity page – Writing Journals using prompts such as Music, Turkey Letters & Thanksgiving Food Cards – On Track to Kindergarten page – Color by letter Turkey Turkey Sound/ABC match – Beginning sounds song/game w/ Thanksgiving food cards
Fine Motor: Stacking blocks & making block creations – Cutting food pics – Sorting  legos – Dressing vests
Math: Lego play *inside* the circle rugs – Mr & Mrs Potato Head play – Find the Teddy Bear card/color & shape game – Pattern block cards – Bear Bingo (small,med. & large) – Bear Bingo w/colors – Math mat w/playdoh (cover pie mat with certain number of playdoh “cherries” – Puzzle play – Pom poms & tongs filling & dumping
Science: Recording our voices singing, talking, telling a story on a recorder – Paint & salt writing – Make popcorn & graph favorite flavors(butter,cinnamon,garlic) -
Music: Music toy choices while singing – Christmas carol practice
Art: Cereal Necklaces – Color turkey, paint w/glue & sprinkle thyme over the glue -
Large Muscles: walk on the tape line with arms out, arms up, etc – Action cards – Jump in the leaves – Try to bounce a ball in the leaves (science experiment in asking for predictions) – Toy washing indoors
Dramatic Play: Hospital Prop Box – Puppet Play – Shoe Store Prop Box
Conversation Can: Have you ever lost something you really liked? What did you do?

LMNO Peas 
The 3 Billy Goats Gruff
The Leaf Blew In   
ack & the Beanstalk
My Apron    
 Tom Goes to Kindergarten
Cock a Doodle Hooooo   
Pancakes, Pancakes
& many more

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November is Here!

Life-size tracing of Gracie for her 3rd Birthday Party!!
We used the back side of wallpaper samples & taped them together to make a large enough paper for the tracing.

Notice we are copying 'Happy Birthday'??? Exciting to see the pre-reading going on!!

This home made game became a popular 'after nap' activity for the early-risers.
Newsletter Below:

Dear Families,
Book orders for November are available. Great idea for stocking stuffers!! They are on the bulletin board behind the front door if interested. If ordering, make any checks out to myself as I order online with my check card. End date for ordering is Friday, Nov. 18.
Themes coming up are “ The Five Senses” & “Thanksgiving” as well as letter/prereading activities. The next newsletter will be after the Thanksgiving Break.Have a great week!         Stephanie

Fingerplay For The Coming Week!!

I Clap My Hands

I clap my hands. (Suit actions to words.)
I touch my feet and
I jump up from the ground.
I clap my hands.
I touch my feet and
I turn myself around.
I clap my hands.
I touch my feet and
I sit myself right down.
I clap my hands.
I touch my feet and
I do not make a sound.
Learning Centers

Language: Weekly Readers w/activity pages – Online Halloween Haunted House (for fun) – ABC cover up on pumpkin shape – Make a Word game -

Math: Color,cut,glue sequence page(pumpkin) – Trace Gracie & color (size comparison makes this part Math, part art) – Puzzles

Art: Shy Bats (paper folding) -  Orange collage – Tattoos for party – Water color painting –

Science: Cooking together
·         Mixing up a batch of Cole Slaw
·         Mashing crackers for Tuna Patties

Large Muscles: Monster golf (eyeballs drawn on ping pong balls) – Monster eye toss in parachute – Hop scotch indoors –parachute ball toss  & roll – Trade places under the parachute with a friend  -- ABC Bean bag toss

Manipulatives: Pumpkin lacing cards – Letter Pumpkin Fishing – Drop the eyes in a can

Music: ABC Musical Chairs (write the letter on their tablet when they sit in a chair) -

Dramatic Play: Dress up free play w/clothes, shoes, hats, costumes, etc.

Conversation Can: How many animal sounds can you make? – What kind of treat would you buy for yourself ?

5 Little Bats Flying in the Night
Shake Dem Halloween Bones
The Night Before Halloween
Look Whooo’s Counting
What Will You Be?
The Bears and the Great Big Storm

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October News

I LOVE conversations with children that encourage them to share their thoughts!! The different life events we engage in is so often very much on their minds and they need a chance to voice their opinions,hopes,fears and more.
Their answers are so eye-opening as to what emotions they are experiencing.
The best part of all is the way it makes them feel important that someone asked 'what they think'.

 Excerpts from our October 24, newsletter below:
in other words.....
what "we do all day"

Upcoming learning centers will include “Awake at Night” &  “A Long Sleep”  w/Weekly Readers, Halloween Fun,  more letter learning & much more. Have a great week!!!

Infant/Toddler Fun
Fine Motor Activities:

Banging Activities:

* banging two toys together
* pound-a-ball toys
* banging hands on high chair
* toy workbench and hammer toys
* musical instruments

Learning Centers
Language: Weekly Readers – Animated story “Forest Animals” online w/weekly reader – Writing journals daily – I Had a Little Nut Tree poem/colorpage – Pp pumpkins displayed for writing journal inspiration – Do You Like Monsters?(graphing)  - Showers for Flowers (sort letters from symbols) – Stencils for writing journals
Math: Shape cards (find the hidden teddy bear) – Sorting letters/numbers on a chart & glue – ABC leaf bingo - Firetruck/ Burning house Maze – Firetruck Bingo – Sort leaf cutouts into colored baskets- Count the Fall Things page – Pumpkin Patch Phonics board game
Art: Blow Paint Art – Scare crow creation – shape face pumpkins cut & paste
Science: Baked egg-free cookies – Liquid layers in clear jar(tinted water, dawn dish soap, cooking oil) – Stop, Drop & Roll practice – Discovery windows w/leaves, acorns & walnuts displayed – Leaf hunt for rubbings & sorting activities -
Music: Autumn Leaves song – Down at the Firehouse – Musical letters game(each child had own paper & crayon to ‘write the letter’ when the music stopped
Manipulatives: Dressing vests practice – Magna tiles play – Hammer golf t’s into Styrofoam & remove (removing the t’s strenghthens the fingers to prepare for writing practice)
Dramatic Play: Firefighters prop box includes:
Fire hats, boots, oxygen tanks(backpacks), hand bell, gloves, flashlights, stuffed animals to rescue – Shoe Store prop box
Large Muscles: Stay Low & Go practice w/parachute -  Find the hidden “F” flames & put ‘em out – Letter Action Cards ( new Favorite!!!!) – Hula Hoop play – Jump over the fire (wiggling jump rope) – Parachute games: Turtle on your back crawl & Parachute roll(took turns rolling 1 child at a time on the parachute)
Stories  (not all-inclusive)
If You Give a Cat a Cupcake * Leaves  Are on the Trees
 Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker * Fighting Fires
Flashing Fire Engines * I’m Going to be a Fire Fighter
Firefighters! * Fall Changes *Halloween Bones
Llama Llama Misses Mama*Llama Llama Red Pajama
Llama Llama Mad at Mama *16 Runaway Pumpkins
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Shredded paper for Hunting Letters

Here's a Letter on a Lid :) Sorry the glare his the letter written on it.

Dear Families,
Thank you for your book orders. They are on the way!
Hope you are all following the blog. I have some photos above of what we used shredded paper for. It is an excellent sensory experience as they get to feel the texture, toss it, squish it, pile it & find the ‘buried treasure’. The treasure this week was milk jug lids with alphabet letters written on them. They were to find a letter & tell which one it was. Much language &pre-reading skills experienced with this activity.
                Our themes coming up are “Fall In the Forest” with Weekly Readers, and Sorting & Patterning activities & Letter C fun for this week. The following week will be
“Firefighters Help Us”, Letter D & E Fun & more!
Have a great week!
NEW Fingerplay for Infants/Toddlers
 Make a pancake, pat, pat, pat. 
Do not make it fat, fat, fat.
You must make it flat, flat, flat. 
Make a pancake just like that!
Learning Centers
Language:  Weekly Readers – On Track to Kindergarten – ABC assessment for Kindergarten prep – Writing Journals daily – B/b writing pages - ABC Basketball (put letter in ‘cup/basket’ if you name it) – Letter search in shredded paper – Apple A/a sorting – Name writing practice – Who’s knocking? Open door, reveal picture, say name & 1st letter –
Book reading by Rote:  By re-reading “I’m Your Bus” for several days in a row, preschool-agers can  begin to develop the ability to make predictions based on previous events. I created mini books to help them ‘tell the story’ as they remember what I’ve read to them. It is an important way to learn that print has meaning and an essential pre-reading skill. You will also see children doing this on their own at home with a favorite book. So keep reading to them at home!!!!
Math: Shape sorters – Color/Shape card game (find bear under shape after you name shape or color)-Color match w/weekly reader – Color block sorting – I Spy w/color block (match to something in the room) – Big/Small pig sorting – Hats/no Hats pig sorting
Science/Safety:  Fire/tornado drill – Sand play – Examine nature (leaves changing in some trees)
Art: Sticker initial art – Paper fans – Triangle shape rubbings – Open-ended coloring  
Large Muscles: Tool play – Simon Says – Parachute Play included 1. See-saw movement 2. Make rain softly, loudly, waves & gentle breeze movements & sounds w/parachute  - Jump on 2 feet – Bounce/catch ball practice (how many times can you catch in a row?)
Music:  I Had a Little Turtle,  This Old Man, Hickory Dickory Dock, I’m a Little Teapot & the week’s favorite Jack & Jill – singing Jack & Jill by replacing children’s names for Jack & Jill – Wheels on the Bus – Name song: (tune: Old MacDonald)
            Lou, Lou, L,L,L
            L Starts Lou’s Name
Dramatic Play: Scarves, hats, glasses play – School buses & Little People freeplay
Manipulatives: Shoe typing practice – Puzzles – Hide & seek an object outdoors

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our First Public Blog Post

Beginning Rock Garden
Dear Families,
Fall is a Ball!!! We’ll spend some time with themes, “All About Me”(contd. From last week), “School Times”, & “I Like Apples” to follow along with our Weekly Readers. We have yet to receive them, but as I am able to log into our online resources, I will be able to continue on with the themes until they arrive.

I have decided to keep the blog for our newsletter picture free as far as showing faces of the children. It is totally my personal decision that the childrens’ safety should come first. I will continue to email pics to those who I currently email to & print to those who don’t.  Hope this is good for everyone.  The plus side of this is that I can open the blog page to everyone and therefore allow you to share it freely with family & friends. Grandparents too love to see what the children do at daycare. Again the blog address will be at the top of these newsletters that I email out.

Thanks to everyone for allowing me the 3-day weekend to enjoy.  I hope you all enjoyed yours as well.
Have a great week!

Learning Centers
Language: Conversation tub question:What’s Your Favorite game?—Positional Words game – Writing journals(daily)
Math: Counting Chicks game – Color match wheels – Match the bee’s wings (counting file folder game)
Art: Gluing practice with recycled magazine strips – Trace hands & ‘name things you know’
Science/Cooking:  Gathering acorns which are falling in abundance & examining them with magnifying lenses – Ice cream sodas – Rock Garden Creation
Music:  Song Stash Tub (these are strips of paper pulled out at random)
1.     London Bridge (of course we had to make the bridge & ‘lock them up’)
2.     Happy Birthday
3.     Mary Had a Little Lamb
4.     Frere Jacque (Are You Sleeping)
5.     Jack & Jill
6.     Did You Ever See a Lassie?
Computer: Reader Rabbit cd
Large Muscles: Slay the Dragon (bat the balloon with our hands) –
Parachute games included:
1.    Beach ball bounce
2.    Counting to how many they want to be
3.    Saying ABC’s & trying to keep ball on the parachute
Body Bean bag game – Scavenger Hunt –Tunnel crawling –Musical Magic Carpets
Dramatic Play: Pretend house painters
Manipulatives: Picture puzzles – Legos – Pass the Poison Apple – Hammering acorns

Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!
The Gingerbread Boy
Little Critter’s Little Sister’s Birthday
What Shall We Do Today?
The Poky Little Puppy
Have You Seen My Cat?
Just A Mess!
& Many More

Recycled Wallpaper samples for Princess Party Mural
Lou's Birthday party

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 22 Newsletter

Dear Families,
Well, here we are; already at the end of summer! How can it fly by so fast?
We want to thank everyone first for letting the school-agers hang out with us daily or occasionally, whichever the case may be. I enjoyed their company, their helpfulness towards their younger friends, and the learning experiences we had along the way. I hope we have created many fond memories for them as well. Best wishes to them in the coming school year.

We’re celebrating the ‘end of summer’ on Wednesday, August 24 with a Milk Shake Party! We’ll cook some pigs in a blanket together & play some fun games & basically just enjoy the day. We’ll pray for good weather too!

Reminder:  Daycare closed Monday, Sept. 5 for Labor Day. We reopen Tuesday as usual.

Upcoming Themes & Learning will include:
“Above my head, Below my feet”(science),
All About Me, Apple Fun.

Have a great week!

September Book orders are in your child’s cubby. These are totally optional. I find they are great for building your child’s library at low cost & great for gifts. If ordering, make checks payable to me as I order online. Due date: September 9.
Learning Centers
Language:  Letter T spot for reading/circle time – T roads w/wallpaper – Conversation starter question: “What would you like me to play with you” Unanimous answer was ‘dress up’ J - Writing Journals – Name trace pages -
Math: Lego game w/dice – Land,air,water color page (distinguishing correct category) –Bear number/color match – 0,1,2, T cards/activity – Wallpaper counting books – Point to the sticker that doesn’t belong in the group -
Science: Outdoor kitchen w/sand, water, etc. – Magna Tiles – Explore Bear pages online at “prekinders.com” – Elephant habitat exercise w/carpet, new highway addition & blocking off section to show the ‘limited space’ for elephants
Art: “What do you do before you go to bed?” front door art – Travel/transportation collage – Stop light mosaics – Patchwork Bear Art – Group mural/tablecloth – Paper pin poke page for 3yrs. & up, trace & color for under 3yrs
Large Muscles: Ramps & transportation vehicles – Bowling in the hall – Bean Bag toss onto 0,1,2,T -
Manipulatives: Tie your shoes practice – Lego trains – ABC Train line cutting practice – Playdoh & cookie cutters
Music/Rhyme: Scarves music & movement cd – Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear action rhyme -
Dramatic Play: Firefighter play – Dress up – Firefighters saving Teddy’s & Doctors fixing Teddy’s – Goldilocks & 3 Bears paper doll play – Play School
Computer: PBS.org games – Reader Rabbit cd – The Wiggles dvd – Elephant dvd
Big Blue Engine    Froggy Plays T Ball
Goodnight Train      Tracks        ABC Train
Where’s Teddy?    Teddy & the Fire Brigade
Goldilocks & the 3 Bears    A Beary Good Neighbor
Tigger & Winnie the Pooh  Baby Bear, Baby Bear
First Day Jitters   Miss Mary Mack song/story
Countdown to Kindergarten
Freddy Learns to Swim & Missouri ABC (thanks Alexa)