Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Newsletter

Playdough Tools
Dear Families,
Thank you for your book orders. I expect them no later than Friday Dec. 2. I will go ahead & put out the December Scholastic Book Club order to give you one last chance at ordering for Christmas. They will be due the following Friday, Dec. 9. We must have them ordered by Saturday Dec 10 at the latest to insure timely delivery. You are not obligated to order, but if you do, please understand the need for this deadline date. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

We’ll keep it simple for December in our themes. Holidays are hectic for many & children feel the stress as much as we do. We will cover Christmas topics such as the colors Red & Green, Shapes associated with Christmas such as Gingerbread Boy, Star & Christmas Tree, and others I choose to keep up with the seasonal learning opportunity.

Our Tentative Christmas Caroling dates are as follows:
Friday, Dec. 9 @ 5:00 pm
Friday, Dec. 16 @ 5:00 pm
I have chosen 2 in case of inclement weather. I also have selected a later time to allow parents to accompany us as well as to allow neighbors to be “at home”. It has been a challenge in previous years to find people at home to sing to. I will send more info by note with your children next week.
Have a great week!!       Stephanie

Learning Centers
Language: Weekly Readers w/activity page – Writing Journals using prompts such as Music, Turkey Letters & Thanksgiving Food Cards – On Track to Kindergarten page – Color by letter Turkey Turkey Sound/ABC match – Beginning sounds song/game w/ Thanksgiving food cards
Fine Motor: Stacking blocks & making block creations – Cutting food pics – Sorting  legos – Dressing vests
Math: Lego play *inside* the circle rugs – Mr & Mrs Potato Head play – Find the Teddy Bear card/color & shape game – Pattern block cards – Bear Bingo (small,med. & large) – Bear Bingo w/colors – Math mat w/playdoh (cover pie mat with certain number of playdoh “cherries” – Puzzle play – Pom poms & tongs filling & dumping
Science: Recording our voices singing, talking, telling a story on a recorder – Paint & salt writing – Make popcorn & graph favorite flavors(butter,cinnamon,garlic) -
Music: Music toy choices while singing – Christmas carol practice
Art: Cereal Necklaces – Color turkey, paint w/glue & sprinkle thyme over the glue -
Large Muscles: walk on the tape line with arms out, arms up, etc – Action cards – Jump in the leaves – Try to bounce a ball in the leaves (science experiment in asking for predictions) – Toy washing indoors
Dramatic Play: Hospital Prop Box – Puppet Play – Shoe Store Prop Box
Conversation Can: Have you ever lost something you really liked? What did you do?

LMNO Peas 
The 3 Billy Goats Gruff
The Leaf Blew In   
ack & the Beanstalk
My Apron    
 Tom Goes to Kindergarten
Cock a Doodle Hooooo   
Pancakes, Pancakes
& many more

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