Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Father's Day Project

It started on Pinterest with a picture of a spatula. This is not that picture just for the record.
 It had a cute saying engraved on it,...
"Dad, You Are Flippin' Awesome!"

And so it begins....
A bag of pancake mix with the recipe (includes an egg-free variety for our children with no-egg diets)

Then there was the card with a glued-on clip art pic from Word
Here's Alexa's version of the inside of her card.
Hope every dad out there has a
"Flippin Awesome Fathers's Day!"
Check out the youtube video.
Dedicated to My Daddy!!
Tried to teach me the 2 Step with this song to no avail. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What we "did all day"

Honeysuckle Home Daycare ReviewMay/June News 2012

Sorting recycleables activity

This is a condensed summary of activities and experiences in my daycare setting. If you have any questions, please feel free to jot it down in the comment box.

Most recent activities first:
Language:Weekly Readers/ S page, Rhyme words with Sun & make a list simultaneously, Writing journals,
Number 10 worksheets, 10 fingers poem, Ten in a bed activity with bear counters, ABC stamp & song, What is your favorite thing about Mom & chart it, Introduce X, Y, Z & review activities (in May)example of Y = “Y is for Yes” game
Math: Sunshine number memory game, Match clothespin to number on wheel, Trace hands & number fingers, 10 fingers transition song, yellow object hunt,
Art:Yellow mosaic, Sun safety puppets, Color, cut & paste sun w/rays, X-ray chalk hand tracings, Color mixing circles (red, yellow, blue), number mosaic, Folded tulips art
Science/Health: Went on a “Yellow Walk” on the Katy Trail, For Conversation Starters: What might you see in the sky during the day? They had lots to say about this , Magnet balls & sticks, Magna Tiles, Sand play
Blocks: Color view blocks, pvc connectors, Legos & hotwheels
Dramatic Play: Dr. kit prop box, Hats & boots play, Grocery store play, Veterinarian play, Baby dolls dress up play

Fine Motor: Puzzle play, Finger plays, Cutting practice, Gluing practice, Foam Floor puzzle
Gross Motor: Bounce/catch game, Learning to slide (for toddlers), Push/pull red wagon both with or without riders, Dancing to various types of music, London Bridge, Rolling down the “big” hill
Stories:  I have lots of series booksLlama llama Loves Mama + other llama stories
Froggy stories
There Was an Old Lady stories
Feelings stories like “I Was So Mad” or “If You’re Angry & You Know It”.
& Many Many More