Sunday, January 27, 2013

Two January Parties

January has been full of birthdays! We had 4 in our family and 2 in the daycare!
For the daycare setting we celebrated with some of the following activities:
A "What Will I Be?" Poster. This one is for the 1 year old.
An Artistic Rendering of the 1 year old with a life-size body tracing.

A game of Musical Hats. Who needs chairs???
& everyone loves dress up here!
These are the front & back of our latest game.....
Flower Action Beanbag Toss.
Toss a beanbag onto a flower and perform the action.

Special thanks to this website for the Birthday Memory game. Kids Sparks 
had this download available for free.
The ever-so-popular Pin the Jewel on the Crown. Repeated with the 5-year Old party.
Notice we wrote each child's name on each sticker as ownership is so important in the early years.

Of course what would a party be without Pizza?!
Our homemade variety on bagel thins is pure awesomeness.
Not too hard to chew and just the right amount for a good serving.
Cooking together is a great learning experience you don't want your child to miss out on!
Each child's name is written on the parchment paper underneath each bagel for more of that ownership.
Easy clean up too!

The newest addition to our parties this year will be these
Time Capsules.
(thanks to my father-in-law for the Christmas Card boxes)
With Sarabeth's we included her:
  • What Will I Be poster
  • Body tracing
  • Pictures of the party
  • Box label of her treats she shared
  • Her crocheted Birthday Crown (my first attempt)

Wishing everyone a blessed 2013!!!!!!!