Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stirring the Pot

Hope you'll head on over to Stephanie's Stuff and read about our newest cooking experience with the children. We are keeping up with our Child-Directed activities and Letting the Kids Do It. Cabbage Soup was the topic and having a wide range of sensory experiences came with it.
  • Taste - the obvious
  • Smell- We had the Before and After of Cooking scents
  • Touch - Bumpy and crisp raw/ and the opposite cooked
  • Hear - Listen to the sound of it vegetables being cut, broth being poured, the sound of our voices wanting to 'be next' to help
  • See- How much cabbage you get when it's piled up in the pot!

Child-directed learning promotes the natural development of self-confidence, initiative, perseverance and life satisfaction.
Have A Wonderful Week!