Sunday, November 6, 2011

November is Here!

Life-size tracing of Gracie for her 3rd Birthday Party!!
We used the back side of wallpaper samples & taped them together to make a large enough paper for the tracing.

Notice we are copying 'Happy Birthday'??? Exciting to see the pre-reading going on!!

This home made game became a popular 'after nap' activity for the early-risers.
Newsletter Below:

Dear Families,
Book orders for November are available. Great idea for stocking stuffers!! They are on the bulletin board behind the front door if interested. If ordering, make any checks out to myself as I order online with my check card. End date for ordering is Friday, Nov. 18.
Themes coming up are “ The Five Senses” & “Thanksgiving” as well as letter/prereading activities. The next newsletter will be after the Thanksgiving Break.Have a great week!         Stephanie

Fingerplay For The Coming Week!!

I Clap My Hands

I clap my hands. (Suit actions to words.)
I touch my feet and
I jump up from the ground.
I clap my hands.
I touch my feet and
I turn myself around.
I clap my hands.
I touch my feet and
I sit myself right down.
I clap my hands.
I touch my feet and
I do not make a sound.
Learning Centers

Language: Weekly Readers w/activity pages – Online Halloween Haunted House (for fun) – ABC cover up on pumpkin shape – Make a Word game -

Math: Color,cut,glue sequence page(pumpkin) – Trace Gracie & color (size comparison makes this part Math, part art) – Puzzles

Art: Shy Bats (paper folding) -  Orange collage – Tattoos for party – Water color painting –

Science: Cooking together
·         Mixing up a batch of Cole Slaw
·         Mashing crackers for Tuna Patties

Large Muscles: Monster golf (eyeballs drawn on ping pong balls) – Monster eye toss in parachute – Hop scotch indoors –parachute ball toss  & roll – Trade places under the parachute with a friend  -- ABC Bean bag toss

Manipulatives: Pumpkin lacing cards – Letter Pumpkin Fishing – Drop the eyes in a can

Music: ABC Musical Chairs (write the letter on their tablet when they sit in a chair) -

Dramatic Play: Dress up free play w/clothes, shoes, hats, costumes, etc.

Conversation Can: How many animal sounds can you make? – What kind of treat would you buy for yourself ?

5 Little Bats Flying in the Night
Shake Dem Halloween Bones
The Night Before Halloween
Look Whooo’s Counting
What Will You Be?
The Bears and the Great Big Storm

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