Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our First Public Blog Post

Beginning Rock Garden
Dear Families,
Fall is a Ball!!! We’ll spend some time with themes, “All About Me”(contd. From last week), “School Times”, & “I Like Apples” to follow along with our Weekly Readers. We have yet to receive them, but as I am able to log into our online resources, I will be able to continue on with the themes until they arrive.

I have decided to keep the blog for our newsletter picture free as far as showing faces of the children. It is totally my personal decision that the childrens’ safety should come first. I will continue to email pics to those who I currently email to & print to those who don’t.  Hope this is good for everyone.  The plus side of this is that I can open the blog page to everyone and therefore allow you to share it freely with family & friends. Grandparents too love to see what the children do at daycare. Again the blog address will be at the top of these newsletters that I email out.

Thanks to everyone for allowing me the 3-day weekend to enjoy.  I hope you all enjoyed yours as well.
Have a great week!

Learning Centers
Language: Conversation tub question:What’s Your Favorite game?—Positional Words game – Writing journals(daily)
Math: Counting Chicks game – Color match wheels – Match the bee’s wings (counting file folder game)
Art: Gluing practice with recycled magazine strips – Trace hands & ‘name things you know’
Science/Cooking:  Gathering acorns which are falling in abundance & examining them with magnifying lenses – Ice cream sodas – Rock Garden Creation
Music:  Song Stash Tub (these are strips of paper pulled out at random)
1.     London Bridge (of course we had to make the bridge & ‘lock them up’)
2.     Happy Birthday
3.     Mary Had a Little Lamb
4.     Frere Jacque (Are You Sleeping)
5.     Jack & Jill
6.     Did You Ever See a Lassie?
Computer: Reader Rabbit cd
Large Muscles: Slay the Dragon (bat the balloon with our hands) –
Parachute games included:
1.    Beach ball bounce
2.    Counting to how many they want to be
3.    Saying ABC’s & trying to keep ball on the parachute
Body Bean bag game – Scavenger Hunt –Tunnel crawling –Musical Magic Carpets
Dramatic Play: Pretend house painters
Manipulatives: Picture puzzles – Legos – Pass the Poison Apple – Hammering acorns

Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!
The Gingerbread Boy
Little Critter’s Little Sister’s Birthday
What Shall We Do Today?
The Poky Little Puppy
Have You Seen My Cat?
Just A Mess!
& Many More

Recycled Wallpaper samples for Princess Party Mural
Lou's Birthday party

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