Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heat Wave

We started our week with painting the walk with water.
This toddler decided to see what happens when you pour out your cup.
Notice he also painted the center of each brick.
(Math/fine motor)

The neighbor's cat stopped in for a visit. We found out what happens when we pet a cat's fur with wet hands.
This 3 year old used water pumps in the bubbly water
(Science/Sensory/Large Muscles)
Older minds decide to see what happens when you dump out the water pump into the water wheel
(More science/predicting)
Now we begin washing dishes.Notice the toddler to the left is opening an egg filled with water?
He got a surprise when the water poured out!
(Dramatic Play/Discovery)
More of them using those large muscles. That old coffee creamer container came in pretty handy for water play.He's dumping water & plastic lids with the ABC's written on them for more floating items.He discovered the lids won't go down the water wheel hole.
Another vantage point below our "water wall".
I forgot to get a photo of it. Maybe later.
Note to all providers/parents/caregivers.....
ALWAYS be present during water play
Have extra clothes :)

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