Saturday, July 21, 2012

We say 'Sodee' in Missouri

I read about this somewhere, forgive me for not remembering where......
But this is a way to use empty 'sodee' bottles for your kiddos outdoors. We also have a Gatorade bottle included here for good measure. The large 2 liter ones don't work so well for your general information.
First you cut off a portion of the bottom. I chose to use the first natural point where the bottle curves.
Next I applied duct tape for keeping fingers from getting scratched on the sharp edges.
We really like the funky polka dot design :)

Then we apply masking tape to each bottle to label with their names. No sharing cooties here.
And very important.......remove the lid.

Finally the fun begins! (Notice Savannah's new dress her mommy made for her! It's pretty darn cute)
Next to Lou is the 'dipping' bowl for bubble mix. We got ours thanks to Grandma Nancy who finds all the deals at $1 for the bottle. Thanks Grandma!!

What we learned:
  • You get the biggest bubbles when you bend forward & point your bottle down. They were huge!
  • Taking turns
  • Bubbles can pop in your face (or your friends')
  • Bubble mix doesn't go well with sand
  •  Wind can wreck havock on a great bubble
  • Babies won't let you finish blowing a bubble if they can reach your bottle. There were some anger issues. But we worked them out.
  • Lots of fun for a morning that was cooler than we've had for a long while. A fabulous Friday!!!
Have a wonderful Summer!!!

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